10 Insanely Cheap European Countries To Visit

10 Insanely Cheap European Countries To Visit  

1. Bulgaria - Eastern European Gem: Travel back in time as you explore Bulgaria's historic cities, soak in natural hot springs, and enjoy hearty Bulgarian cuisine, 

Romania - Dracula's Domain: Unveil the mysteries of Transylvania and beyond in Romania, where medieval castles, lush landscapes, and traditional dishes await, without draining your wallet.

Hungary - Budapest on a Budget: Experience the grandeur of Budapest's thermal baths, iconic landmarks, and mouthwatering Hungarian cuisine while keeping your budget intact.

 Greece - Mythical Odyssey: Embark on a mythical journey through Greece's ancient ruins, stunning islands, and seaside tavernas, where the history is rich, and the prices are kind.

 Portugal - Sun and Savings: Bask in the sun on Portugal's beautiful beaches, savor fine wines, and explore historic towns without splurging.

 Poland - Historic Charm: Immerse yourself in Poland's history, from medieval towns to vibrant cities, all while enjoying affordable accommodations and dining.

 Czech Republic - Prague's Fairy Tale: Get lost in the fairytale-like streets of Prague, where affordable beer and hearty Czech dishes make it a budget traveler's dream.

Slovakia - Tatra Adventures: Discover Slovakia's natural beauty in the Tatra Mountains, explore charming villages, and embark on outdoor adventures without overspending.

 Estonia - Tallinn's Time Warp: Step into the medieval past of Tallinn, Estonia's capital, and savor budget-friendly Baltic cuisine amid cobblestone streets.

 Latvia - Riga's Baltic Charm: Explore the charming old town of Riga, unwind on pristine beaches, and delight in budget-friendly Baltic flavors in Latvia's vibrant capital.

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