10 Most Beautiful Places You Must Visit While You're In Dehradun

10 Most Beautiful Places You Must Visit While You're In Dehradun

Robber's Cave - Adventure with Friends: Explore the natural caves and stream inside with friends, sharing in the excitement of this unique underground journey.

Mindrolling Monastery - Tranquil Contemplation: Visit the serene monastery's gardens, finding moments of peaceful reflection and appreciating the intricate Tibetan architecture.

Sahastradhara - Healing Waters: Soak in the therapeutic sulfur waters of Sahastradhara, experiencing rejuvenation and relaxation with loved ones.

Forest Research Institute - Colonial Charm: Wander through lush botanical gardens and marvel at the colonial-era architecture, capturing photos and creating memories.

Malsi Deer Park - Wildlife Encounters: Spend quality time with graceful deer and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, sharing the experience with family and friends.

Tapkeshwar Temple - Spiritual Moments: Visit the ancient cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, partaking in rituals and discussions about its spiritual significance.

Lachhiwala - Picnic Bliss: Enjoy a refreshing dip in natural pools surrounded by forests, creating joyful memories with your loved ones during a picnic.

Bhatta Falls - Nature Photography: Capture the beauty of the picturesque waterfall through the lens and appreciate the wonders of nature together.

Rajaji National Park - Wildlife Safaris: Embark on wildlife safaris with fellow enthusiasts, sharing excitement over spotting diverse wildlife species.

Clock Tower - Local Connection: Take leisurely strolls around the iconic Clock Tower, connecting with the vibrant local life and culture of Dehradun.

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