10 Places to Visit in Palakkad, Kerala on One Day Trip 

10 Places to Visit in Palakkad, Kerala on One Day Trip 

 Palakkad Fort: Start your day at this well-preserved fort showcasing Indo-European architecture and historical significance.

 Malampuzha Dam and Gardens: Explore the beautiful gardens, boat rides, and rope bridge for a refreshing experience.

 Kalpathy Heritage Village: Immerse yourself in the traditional culture and architecture of this UNESCO-listed village.

 Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary: Encounter wildlife and lush greenery while taking a boat ride on the serene Parambikulam Reservoir.

Dhoni Waterfalls: Enjoy a short trek to this hidden gem, surrounded by thick forests and pristine nature.

Fantasy Park: Ideal for families, this amusement park offers fun rides and entertainment.

 Tipu Sultan's Fort: Visit this historic site in Palakkad, known for its unique design and stories of Tipu Sultan.

 Malampuzha Rock Garden: Admire the artistic sculptures and rock formations in this intriguing garden.

 Nelliyampathy Hills: If you have extra time, head to Nelliyampathy for panoramic views, tea gardens, and trekking opportunities.

 Kava Viewpoint: Catch a stunning sunset over the Western Ghats and Palakkad town from this viewpoint.

Palakkad's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty make it an excellent destination for a one-day getaway in Kerala.

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