The Best places to see in Meghalaya, India 

The Best places to see in Meghalaya, India 

Cherrapunji: Known for its stunning waterfalls, including Nohkalikai Falls, and the living root bridges.

Mawlynnong: Asia's cleanest village, with picturesque treehouses and a living root bridge.

Dawki: Visit the crystal-clear Umngot River and take a boat ride on its transparent waters.

Shillong: The capital city with beautiful lakes, markets, and the Don Bosco Museum.

Living Root Bridges: Trek to these natural wonders in places like Nongriat and Nongsohphan.

Balpakram National Park: Discover unique flora and fauna in this less-explored national park.

Mawsynram: The wettest place on Earth, famous for its monsoons and verdant landscapes.

Jaintia Hills: Explore the scenic beauty and unique limestone caves.

Elephant Falls: Witness the magnificent Elephant Falls near Shillong.

Sohra Plateau: Enjoy panoramic views of the Khasi Hills from this elevated plateau.

Dainthlen Falls: A mesmerizing waterfall with a legendary story.

Nokrek National Park: Home to the rare red panda and unique biodiversity.

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