What is off-page SEO🤔?

Off-page SEO refers to the techniques and activities done backstage to improve the trustworthiness and domain authority of your website.

Domain authority is analogous to a rank that is administered to every website and is between 1-100 (on ahrefs).

The higher your domain authority, the more assuredly you would rank higher on Google's search results page.

This means a website with a domain authority of 60 has a chance of ranking higher than a website of 45 as its domain authority.

The techniques and activities involved in off-page SEO include;

✔️Backlinking ✔️Social media marketing ✔️Forums posting ✔️Subscription boxes ✔️Guest content ✔️Local listings ✔️Content marketing ✔️Video marketing, etc.

There are various techniques for off-page SEO. These techniques should be analyzed according to your niche before drafting an off-page strategy.

Off-page and on-page SEO work hand in hand. You cannot employ one and leave the other. However, you should learn the patterns of the different techniques and employ them consistently to get the expected results👍🏽.

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