What to Wear With Jeans

I am sure that every woman’s wardrobe has at least one pair of jeans. There are no trousers more comfortable, unpretentious, and instantly creating a stylish look. What jeans are in fashion in 2024, and what to wear jeans with – find out right now.

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What Jeans will be in Fashion in 2024?

The main denim trend of 2024 remains a loose fit. In wide jeans, be it flares, bananas, or tubes, you feel stylish and at ease. The deliberate negligence of oversized clothing inspires fashion experiments. In addition to wide jeans, white, black, and gray jeans are in fashion. Those who don’t like shocking can choose the classics of the genre – straight dark blue jeans; they are appropriate always and everywhere.

How to wear jeans this season to look cool? Check out 5 combinations in which fashionable jeans in 2024 create spectacular looks.

1. Light Wash jeans + denim jacket + sneakers

The simple formula “denim plus denim” can create a very interesting and at the same time practical look. For several seasons in a row, sets made from the same fabric texture have been especially popular. Denim at the top and bottom can vary in density and shade – this will add charm. White sneakers, for example, Adidas Samba, and a warm vest, quilted or made of fur, are suitable additions. 

2. Jeans with cuffs + blazer with belt + ballet flats

Graceful, feminine ballet flats go perfectly with baggy jeans. The play of contrasts in clothing – brutality-femininity, wool-silk, classic-sport, romantic skirt-sneakers – creates vivid images. An elegant jacket with a belt at the waist will enhance the contrast. The result is a feminine, stylish look.

3. Wide jeans + red jumper + ballet shoes

Want to know the easiest way to instantly create a 2024 fashion look? Just buy a red sweater. Yes, an oversized red sweater! Paired with wide dark blue jeans, a red sweater looks beautiful and not boring. To add a touch of elegance, just wear feminine ballet flats and hang a Birkin-style handbag on your elbow.

4. White jeans + suede jacket + heeled ankle boots

The peculiarity of the latest “denim” season is to wear white jeans not only in the summer. Fashionable jeans 2024 are white jeans all year round. What to wear with white jeans? They will look great in a classic contrast with a black oversized sweater. No less stylishly, white jeans will be combined with brown shades – namely, with luxurious suede: a suede jacket and elegant high-heeled boots.

5. Cargo jeans + rollover pullover + fashionable sneakers

Many stylists are against cargo pants for women, classifying them exclusively as work wear. But the idea of ​​cargo jeans is warmly supported by street stylers and fashion influencers. Therefore, without a doubt, cargo jeans are fashionable jeans 2024. You can create an impeccable look by adding a cashmere rollie sweater, a good leather jacket, fashionable sneakers, and a small designer handbag to your jeans. Feminine, but with a challenge!


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