When Is The Best Time To Install SK Filson Bedroom Wallpaper In Dubai?

Bedroom wallpaper can bring a lot of changes to the atmosphere of your separate world, making it cosy, stylish, and classy. In the lively city of Dubai, where temperatures are subject to change from time to time, timing is a crucial factor when it comes to wallpaper installation. For the homeowners or interior designers who are going to install the wallpaper, knowledge of the perfect conditions for wallpaper installation will guarantee a smooth and long-term outcome.

  • Considering Dubai’s climate

Dubai is famous for its dry weather, which is characterised by hot and humid summers and winters that are quite mild. Such climatic conditions are the major factors that decide whether the best time is now or later for the installation of SK Filson bedroom wallpaper in dubai. In the hot and humid summer days, the wallpaper paste is not well held by the heat and humidity, and it can make the wallpaper come off, bubble, or deteriorate before time.

  • Correct temperature and humidity range.

The majority of high-quality wallpaper manufacturers advise installing their products in a room with an air temperature of 64°F to 77°F (18°C to 25°C) and a relative humidity of 40% to 60%. The ideal conditions for drying the glue enable the wallpaper to adhere well to the wall surface, keeping its longevity and appearance unharmed.

  • The Winter Months

Dubai, during the winter months, between November and March, has the most comfortable days for wallpaper installation. While this phase of the moon is relatively cold, the humidity levels are low, which makes it suitable for the spraying of the treatment. Additionally, the slower drying process at these cooler temperatures doesn’t cause bubbling or shrinkage in the wallpaper paste.

  • Avoiding extreme weather conditions

Usually, winter is the best time for wallpaper installation in Dubai because of the weather conditions. However, you are advised to check weather forecasts to avoid extreme weather conditions. For example, under heavy rainfall or sandstorms, it’s recommendable to postpone the installation time until the weather is not unstable. The moisture and dust particles can prevent the adhesive from getting a good grip, with possible problems later on.

  • Online Bedroom Wallpaper Options

With the aid of a homeowner and designer, Dubai’s modern landscape offers a variety of wallpaper choices on the internet. Many reliable online stores stock a wide range of online SK Filson wallpaper, including several different themes and options. Through online ordering, you significantly increase the chance of the wallpaper arriving on time, thus giving you a head start on acclimatisation before installation.

  • Lastly, let’s discuss the installation process.

After you have figured out when the best time to install would be, the room preparation should come next. Start the process by meticulously washing the walls, taking care of any dirt, grease, and loose paint. Fix any fissures or imperfections, and then use a high-quality primer to achieve a smooth and uniform surface where the wallpaper will be glued. Make sure the room has proper ventilation, and use a dehumidifier or air conditioner to keep the temperature and humidity at a suitable level.

  • Hiring professional wallpaper installers

Although some homeowners would like to do the wallpapering on their own, the best method is to employ professional installers who will give you peace of mind and finish the job perfectly. The trained personnel in Dubai are well-versed in the intricacies of using different types of wallpaper and have the skills to solve all the problems that may occur during installation.

  • Choosing the Right Wallpaper Material

Besides the material of the wallpaper, you need to think about whether it is right for the local weather in Dubai. Vinyl or non-woven wallpapers are usually the materials of choice as they are moisture-resistant and simple to clean; therefore, they are designed for Dubai’s humid climatic conditions. Also, these substances are thoroughly resistant to fading or discoloration caused by very sunny weather.

  • Maintenance and care

Following the successful installation of your bedroom wallpaper, routine maintenance and care are as important as the installation process itself to keep your wallpaper in good condition for longer. Make sure that you avoid exposing the wallpaper to direct sunlight for long periods of time, as it can fade or the colour can change over time. Everyday dusting and careful cleaning with a damp cloth are two things you should do to keep your wallpaper looking new and fresh.

  • Embracing personalised designs

The trending interior design field in Dubai nowadays is wallpaper designs that are tailored to the clients and designers’ tastes. Online platforms offer the choice to create wallpaper patterns, colours, and even be able to add personalised imagery, which results in original and unique bedroom spaces that are different and unique for every person in their own way.

  • Acclimatising the wallpaper

It is vital to let the wallpaper rolls stand for a while to get used to the room’s temperature and humidity levels. Such a process usually lasts 24-48 hours, and thus the material changes to fit the environment, which in turn reduces the chance of shrinkage, expansion, or application adhesion issues.

  • Wallpaper as a focal point

Moreover, the city of Dubai is also a one-stop destination for those who want to cover their entire bedroom walls with wallpaper and also create stunning focal points or accent walls. Through the smart choice of wallpaper application, such as on one single wall or a room’s area, you can provide depth, interest, and a little bit of drama to the room. Such a method can be best used together with a range of colours in paint and carefully selected lamps.


Installing interior wall coverings in Dubai requires awareness of the regional weather conditions and climate. The appropriate timeframe is usually the cool winter months, and with proper implementation and installation, you can be sure of the magnificent and durable look of your personal refuge. In an age of endless online bedroom wallpaper choices, including the world-famous Wallquest bedroom wallpaper collection, Dubai residents and interior designers can bring out their artistic instincts and make their bedrooms into spaces worth marvelling at.

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