Why Should You Invest In Mumbai Real Estate?

Mumbai, the City of Dreams, buzzes with an energy that cannot be matched by any other city. Skyhigh buildings penetrate the sky, providing magnificent views, while multinational franchises fulfil all imaginable desires. But for many, the dream of having Mumbai as an address feels out of reach. However, Mumbai offers tempting reasons for well-versed investors or dedicated house hunters to label it as a top investment spot for a home.

High Returns on Investment

Mumbai has continuously been one of the most investor-friendly investment destinations in India. The return on investment is, without a doubt, one of the main benefits for each location. Areas like Andheri (East), Vile Parle (East), and Ghatkopar East have been phenomenal in terms of the appreciation they have witnessed, with some having as much as a 20% ROI in the previous financial year!

Investors are on the lookout for affordable options such as Navi Mumbai or Thane with promising returns. The recent stability in property prices caused by the shift in focus on sales approval and the reduction of inventory further justifies the investment in the sector.

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure

Mumbai’s suburbs have been facing the problem of insufficient infrastructure for the past many years. The transformation wave is changing the regional landscape. Suburbs are being improved by fixing up the existing ones, with special attention being paid to infrastructure upgrades. This is evident all the way to growing property prices. Wadala is a successful case in point.

The fast-growing infrastructure projects like the Chembur-Wadala monorail and Eastern Freeway have added a lot to real estate development. Likewise, Andheri’s close proximity to the Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) has resulted in property prices doubling over the last 3 years, driven by infrastructural developments.

Employment Drives Growth

Historically, employment opportunities were concentrated in South Mumbai but the circumstances have changed. With the growth of commercial activities in Mumbai, the job opportunities in the city are taking high flights. This geographical motility of jobs pushes the real estate market in residential direction.

Kanjurmarg, say for example, has seen an increase in demand, thanks to its neighboring commercial establishments like Vikhroli and Powai. The diversity of residential and commercial buildings is the main reason why Kanjurmarg gains such popularity. Also, cost of property in Kanjurmarg are 10-20% lower than Powai, Vikhroli, and Thane area which is an added advantage and more favorable.

Redevelopment Projects

Limited land availability in Mumbai has brought tremendous construction and redevelopment projects. This movement has led to the renovation of old, abandoned buildings. Bandra is an example of a place where land scarcity has motivated developers to build redevelopment projects. The upcoming five years would be a turning point for the residential real estate sector of the Bandra area. In addition, the BKC’s rising trend as a corporate centre from Lower Parel makes the area one to keep a close eye on.

Consider the following before making your decision

Mumbai’s real estate market is predictable for real investors; however, it is pivotal to do your homework before making the decision. Let’s see what’s important to check out before you purchase your residential property in Mumbai for sale:

  • Budget: The cost of properties in Mumbai cannot be ignored. Make sure to be realistic about the budget and consider areas that suit your financial strength.
  • Lifestyle: Do you seek an urban, in-the-heart-of-scene style or yearn for the briskness of a quiet suburban area? Mumbai accommodates multifarious life patterns. Select an area that matches your interests.
  • Connectivity: For Mumbai people, infamous traffic is no big deal. It’s crucial to choose an area which is close to public transport or my workplace.
  • Amenities: Are you planning to have a pool? Do you need special flooring? Whether it is schools, hospitals, malls, or recreational facilities, these ensure a chosen class of lifestyle.

Top Residential Projects In Mumbai

Lodha World View

Imagine an excellent home with unmatched luxury. Lodha World View, a stunning residential project in Lower Parel, represents refined finesse. Spacious 3, 4, and 5 BHK apartments offer you an exceptional opportunity to get your perfect home. Its top luxury includes posh apartments and furnished houses with delightful decor. A 28,000 square metres park offers a secluded hideaway. Check out the football turf, athletic track, lap pool, tennis courts, and volleyball court in this amazing housing project.

Godrej Urban Park

Enjoy the splendour that combines extraordinary design with superior amenities at Godrej Urban Park. This extensive line of luxury homes was created to provide an unparalleled living experience. Select from the 4, 3, and 2 BHK flats in Mumbai for sale, all woven into your best lifestyle. Stepping onto your balcony and gazing in awe at the splendid sights that will leave you spellbound is a remarkable feeling. Take advantage of round-the-clock security, a dependable water source, guaranteed power backup, adequate visitor parking, an intercom system, CCTV surveillance and an advanced security system. You could not only get the chance to live in a convenient way but also open up the possibility of experiencing a large property appreciation.

Rustomjee Paramount

Find the blend of luxury and nature at Rustomjee Paramount – the dream location where you can live the pleasure of a life close to nature. Right from this city centre, this entire project provides such easy accessibility that it is possible to reach Mumbai no matter which part of the city you start from. Experience the breathtaking scenery of the Arabian Sea and the city metro from exquisite 3 and 4 BHK apartments designed to perfection.

Interestingly, Rustomjee Paramount is among the top 10 places in Mumbai’s real estate project segment. Abound with top-notch conveniences; you can enjoy 24/7 entertainment, cutting-edge technology like touch-free elevators and fibre home connection, elder-friendly amenities and unhindered scenery. With a prime location and remarkable amenities becoming the main attractions, the project is a great option.

Raymond TenX Habitat

Find a well-crafted hive of premium lifestyle at Raymond Realty TenX Era on Pokharan Road, Thane. This expansive beautiful property sprawled over 15,100 square metres of a well-planned land in Thane, offers a variety of efficiently planned vaastu-compliant 2 and 3 BHK apartments. Move out from your room and delve into a world of facilities. The magnificent scenery, the three 38-storeyed towers and the central landscaping area depict an ideal environment for its residents.

Lodha Upper Thane

Immerse yourself in a miniature city just like the real ones at Lodha Upper Thane. Now, in this new residential project situated at the very heart of Thane, you get world-class 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments tailored to your requirements. Talking about the amenities, Lodha Upper Thane, no doubt, outshines the competitors. Think of the best cricket stadium, a football field built to international standards, a huge open courtyard garden that covers 4,600 sq. m., a clubhouse, a temple, a school that ranks among the world’s finest, and many more in the vicinity.

Are you ready to invest in Mumbai real estate?

The property market of Mumbai has got everything – ranging from high-priced skyscrapers to mid-priced suburban types of homes. Being a city with best-in-class infrastructure and a thriving job market, Mumbai is a safe bet for investment, and it provides a vibrant lifestyle. So, whether you are a young professional looking for a trendy locality or a family looking for some extra space, Mumbai has a home for you to call yours. Before you go ahead and bid on your dream Mumbai home, conduct in-depth research and keep your budget and preferences in mind. This will help you to make an informed decision.


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