Why Should You Practice Yoga Through Menopause?

Menopause marks the end of the reproductive cycle in a woman’s life. It is a challenging time for every female because of several symptoms like sleeplessness, hormonal imbalance, and body aches.

Practicing yoga can be the best option to manage menopausal symptoms. It has proven effective in managing stress, reducing hot flashes, and improving sleep quality. As a result, yoga enables you to face such a difficult time more gracefully.

Do you, too, want to get rid of multiple discomforting signs of menopause? Keep reading the article to know more. It will shed light on why you should practice yoga through menopause.

Top 6 Reasons Practicing Yoga During Menopause Is Necessary

Menopause typically starts after the age of 45 years. It can be a difficult period in your life due to different reasons, including irritability, weight gain, and frequent headaches. Performing yoga on a regular basis can significantly help you lessen these symptoms. Let’s elaborate on the top six reasons practicing yoga during menopause is necessary:

1. Managing Stress

The most important reason to practice yoga during menopause is that it helps manage stress. It has a positive impact on your nervous system, calming your neurons during any distressing situation.

Fluctuations in your hormone levels, exhaustion, and body aches are some of the most common symptoms of menopause. All these signs can lead to the onset of stress and depression. A lower-than-normal level of the hormone estrogen further worsens the condition.

Yoga has a significant positive influence on your body, mind, and breathing mechanism. As a result, it promotes relaxation and alleviates stress. Most ladies join Dubai hot yoga classes to manage stress during menopause.

2. Reducing Hot Flushes and Night Sweats

Hot flushes and night sweats are one of the most common symptoms of menopause. These signs usually occur due to a drastic change in hormonal levels. Research proves that yoga has a positive impact when it comes to reducing the frequency and intensity of these symptoms.

Menopause affects both estrogen and progesterone in the body. When these chemicals fluctuate, they negatively influence the metabolic system. Consequently, the person feels intense warmth in the upper body accompanied by excessive sweating, especially during the night.

Several yoga poses are instrumental in decreasing flashes by dispersing heat and reducing sweating by opening the sweaty organs. Regularly performing yoga will relieve these signs.

3. Preventing Weight Gain

Most women are prone to gaining weight after the onset of menopause. They usually accumulate fat around the waist rather than in the hips or thighs. There are several yoga practices that can prevent obesity in postmenopausal women.

Estrogen is the hormone that is responsible for organized fat distribution in females before menopause. After the ceasing of the reproductive cycle, the amount of estrogen in the body decreases. This leads to uneven fat distribution and weight gain in the abdominal regions.

Experts recommend some yoga poses to prevent fat accumulation in these areas. These poses are considered instrumental in burning excessive, stubborn fat.

4. Improving Sleep Quality

One of the most discomforting effects of menopause is a decrease in sleep quality. Sleeplessness can disturb many females during this condition. Doing yoga is the best option to welcome a good night’s sleep even after menopause.

Multiple factors cause insomnia in menopausal women, including:

  • Hot flushes and excessive sweating
  • Imbalances in the hormonal levels
  • Body pain and unbearable exhaustion
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Irregular cardiac cycle or palpitation

All these elements contribute to a disturbed sleep and wake cycle. Yoga is a natural cure for all of the above reasons, significantly enhancing sleep quality.

5. Enhancing Mood

Mood swings are another critical side effect of changing hormonal levels after menopause. That is why menopausal females find it difficult to cope with daily challenges in their lives.

Frequent occurrence of depressive episodes becomes normal during this condition. One minute, you feel happy. The other minute, you become depressed. This situation can be significantly worse for women with past trauma.

You can address this mental stress by incorporating yoga into your lifestyle. Different yoga poses can increase the levels of happy hormones in your body, lessening the frequency of mood swings.

6. Relieving Joint Pain

Throbbing joint pain after menopause affects many women. If not addressed, the pain can spread to other areas of the body, like bones and muscles. You can leverage some effective yoga poses to alleviate this body ache.

Estrogen, otherwise known as estradiol, plays a significant role in decreasing inflammation in joints. When its levels decrease after menopause, its ability to keep joint inflammation in check reduces. Consequently, swelling can lead to intolerable pain.

Yoga is instrumental in enhancing joint flexibility, reducing inflammation, and lessening pain. To relieve joint pain after menopause, you can join hot yoga classes.


In short, yoga is the best practice to soothe different menopausal symptoms. It improves sleep, reduces joint inflammation, and enhances mood. If you think you can enjoy the abovementioned benefits of yoga, contact a certified yoga trainer.

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